Lessons Learned

When this year started, I had the intentions of blogging a lot more than I'm blogging now. Suddenly we're almost a third over with 2015 and I've probably blogged about three times since 2015 started which surely isn't doing me any favors. 

Time flies and bam, seven years have passed since I've first started blogging. 

There's something about New Tier of Education, New You (this sounded better in my head and a lot more catchier) that I've almost always believed in throughout my childhood. I was magically going to go through a transformation in high school (still waiting for my High School Musical transformation here), then as I got to college, I was magically going to become a butterfly.

JK, nope, still pretty awkward as evidenced by the seemingly lack of a transformation as 5-year old pictures show.

But recently, au contraire to what I think, looking back at my blog (seven years in the making in a couple of weeks), I have changed and learned a lot. Learning and growing is in the passive, fleeting moments, in the moments where moments where the world seems to be crashing down (#teenageangst), and in the moments where you're happy. I may not have everything I thought I'd have before reaching the grand old age of 20 but here are some lessons that I've learned over the years:

1. Workouts, including early morning ones, aren't as bad as they would seem.
Hitting the gym early means that it's not packed and I've learned to enjoy working out, which I never thought was possible. Grabbing a friend to go with you is key in the early stages, I've learned, since there's more motivation to get up and get to the gym when there's someone expecting you.

2. Saying no and that you can't please everybody.
It's not that "No" was never in my vocabulary because but it wasn't until recently I've learned to say no to people, even if there's an initial unhappiness. There's always going to be someone who's upset and it's hard for me to say no, especially when someone in the equation will be upset but believing in yourself and your ideas is important. It's taken me a really long time and it's still a work in progress to really reconcile myself with the idea that saying no will not really harm me in the long run.

3. The path to happiness is never a straight path.
There's a great graphic where people's idea of success is a straight upward path whereas in reality it's a bunch of squiggles that are somewhat in an upward incline. I do a lot of things for fun that leave a lot of people scratching their heads but it all makes sense to me. It's taken me a while to find what I like and dislike as well as my hobbies but I'm also thankful for the lessons I've learned along the way.

4. Do whatever the hell you feel is right. 
Of course there are limits to this but I used to, and still to do a certain degree, care what other people think. I used to get teased for reading classics when I was younger and it was something that I would hide but honestly, if I didn't read that many classics when I did, I probably would've never read them since I find myself a lot more strapped for time as I get older. My parents have always said for the longest time people whose judgements I fear, I wouldn't see again in the next few years and it turns out that parents are right. On a minor scale it's making a fool of myself at the Metropolitan Museum trying to imitate a Greek statue as seen above and on a larger scale, it's pursuing a career trajectory filled with two opposing disciplines.

5. Best friend inside jokes somehow will be amusing three years, five years down the line. 
Some things never change. The silly joke about alpacas and sheep, with it's original meaning long gone will always hold a special place. The joke about friendship will keep on going on even if one person has a blurry recollection of the initial event.

Maybe it's not about a transformation a la HSM but a slow maturation like Neville Longbottom. One can hope right?

Joking, joking.

What are some things you've learned over the years? 

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