Things I'm Into Lately

Things have been quite busy lately and it shows. Once second semester started, I thought, “Great! I can relax!". Ha! I’m busy with work and school but it’s finally spring break so I can relax (kind of)!

I thought I’d do a post of the things that I’ve been into lately (maybe this will turn into a semi-regular thing? We’ll see).

Typography I’ve been super into graphic design (I think I mentioned this in an earlier post) lately but most of all, typography. Now that I’m thinking about it, I’ve been into graphic design for quite some time, but to varying degrees. It started around the time that I started this blog (not related to my starting a blog, though) when I finally got Photoshop. I’ve made some hideous things but I’ve been improving. Some of my favorite blogs are EmmaDime, DesignLoveFest, and Pugly Pixel (so many resources, tutorials and how-to’s. If you’re only looking for one design blog to follow, this is it.).

Travel Sites My friend and I have a long bucket list. We’ve accomplished approximately 0.2% of it and it just keeps on growing. I’m quite into traveling and so is she so I’ve been surfing travel sites. This is the one thing that must get done on our bucket list that never seems to get shorter.

Independent Bookstores My first foray into my local independent bookstore was chronicled partially here, and I’ve been going loyally to it ever since. It’s on my places-to-go list every time I go downtown and the sale section is just amazing. Plus, there are tons of hipster/intellectual books on poetry and archaic topics. The atmosphere is quite nice, too and the employees are quite nice. I was looking for a book that I saw earlier to for a friend because I thought she’d like it and I forgot the title. I described the book cover in vague descriptors (“It was feminist-y about bodies or something like that? It had a vintage-y feel to it? ) and the employee immediately found it.

Frantically Searching for a Replacement for Google Reader  It’s not okay that Google is pulling the plug on Google Reader. I’ve been using Reader for the past seven years, Google. It’s been integrated into my routine. This is not okay.

What are you into lately?


  1. Kelly TheWellReadRedheadApril 1, 2013 at 1:19 PM

    I think Feedly is going to be my answer for Google Reader, but I agree with you--GR has been in my life way too long, WHY MUST I CHANGE?? Humbug.

  2. Ohhh! I'll check out Feedly! Thanks for the tip! :D I don't like change. Bleh


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