Follow Friday #2

I'm doing another Follow Friday!

This week's question is":

Q: Best Cover? What is the best cover of a book that you’ve read and didn’t like?

I don't really remember covers of books after I've read them (unless I see the book again in stores or at the library) so this question is a little tough.

The best book cover that I can recall recently has to be Amelia Anne Is Dead and Gone.

I love the nostalgic/vintage feel of the book cover and it fits the book perfectly. The writing style is soft but powerful, like the cover. It's rare that the cover reflects the writing style of a book. 

The gray of the cover is fitting too, because the book is such a serious book. I loved the book and the cover! 

A pretty cover but a bad book: I would have to say House of Night comic. The cover was so gorgeous but terribly misleading. 

I thought the inside art would be by the same artist as the cover but no, I was wrong. There were so many things that I didn't about the actual book. (Review here)

It's a pity though.