The Green Haired, 4 Pigtailed Girl

If you're familiar with manga, you probably already know what I'm about to review straight from the title. What manga other than Yotsuba&! has a character with green hair that's tied into four, not two, pigtails? 

I first came across it when I was at my Japanese friend's house. She didn't have much of a manga collection, but she had told me that there was a manga that was "really funny." I looked at it, a story about the adventures of a green-haired girl who was around 6 years old and her adoptive father. How was this funny? More specifically, how could this be funny? My friend obviously loved the series, since she had both the original Japanese versions and the English versions.

If you look back on my blog, I've actually blogged about this series two years ago, around the same time. I agree with everything I've said back then. Even the way I wrote it. (laughs)

Yotsuba, an adopted five year old girl is naive, funny,gullible, and... naive. (No really,she is.) She doesn't know about A/C, doorbells, escalators and other things a five year old would know about. Her daily adventures (a chapter of the book) are filled with gags, and the innocence of a five year old. (Which I don't have anymore...)Yotsuba evokes the simplemind-ness and innocence of children, which sets a scene for comedy. It's hard to describe Yotsuba&!. It's more than a comedic manga, rather, it emobides the innocence and naivete of children that as people age, lose. Yotsuba&! is a manga for all ages, whether you're a boy or a girl. It's a must read!

 However, I must add more. The series is incredibly funny and original. The gags are fresh. The art is incredibly detailed and realistic. As the the artist progresses, his level of detail increases too. The art is definitely drool-worthy.

A panel from the manga

The series was first licensed by ADV Manga, but Yen Press acquired the license for it. Since then, Yen Press has re-released the volumes that were previously released by ADV Manga, with new translations. I actually like Yen Press's translation better. I've read both releases, since my library has both versions. 

The manga has been serialized since 2003 but the comic still remains fresh and Yotsuba still remains as clueless as ever. Please do read Yotsuba&!

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  1. It's a series I've been meaning to pick up for some time! The few I've read have really been hilarious and the art is indeed, wonderful!

    1. Yes, I laugh every time, even if I've already read it. The manga artist puts so much detail into his art, but it doesn't seem too busy! By the way, the some of the volumes retail for ~$7 USD, which is pretty good! :D


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