Book Lovers' Hangout

On Friday, July 13, I had a Twitter conversation with Olivia (Olivia's Opinions) and Yarethzia (Book Nook Girl). You'd think coming up with ideas for anything on Friday the 13th, is a bad idea, but in our case, it was the exact antithesis.

It started out as an innocuous chat, with Yarethzia saying that our three-way conversation was like a virtual book club and I jokingly saying that we actually should make one.

Olivia came up with the twitter hashtag, #bookfriends and 4 hours after our original idea, it became a trending topic. 

It's a great feeling to know that you're one of the people who made a trending topic. We'd like to continue this topic even after today, and expand it. Olivia has made a blog which we can post books and have discussions. The site will be active tomorrow and I will post a link. Please join us in our journey! 

To continue the discussion on twitter, please continue using the hashtag, #bookfriends

Thank you and please join us in this journey!

On another note, I don't sound like that normally in real life. I don't say "for reals" or "yo". 

EDIT: The blog is live!


  1. yay! I really hope people will actually continue this :P LOL but if not, we'll just make it an open blog :D

    1. Yes! It was fun meeting new people and discussing books with them. :)


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