The Secret Garden

I feel like I've used this title for an old blog post a long time ago, but I'm too lazy to check and see if I did. Today is a day like that, a day where I feel free and after a burden has been lifted off my shoulders.

Over the weekend, I went around and took pictures of things that I saw outside. I find photography incredibly relaxing and there are moments when I think, "If I had a DSLR, would my life be a little different?"  I've edited some of these pictures with PicMonkey and others, I've left them as is.

I really liked how the sun hit this tiny plot of perilla (a type of herb, similar to mint). 

I don't know what this is, but it looked interesting...

I was taking pictures of these flowers when I noticed a giant dragonfly. I ran the other way because it freaked me out so much.

The dragonfly that's perched onto of the flower. So, so big and it didn't even move a millimeter when I was prancing around in shock. I hate bugs. They creep me out. 

I found this perilla plant interesting. It was growing between to slabs of concrete sidewalk and I found it so lonely, just growing there. It was the only thing standing, which projected such resilience. It's not like an ugly crabgrass growing between sidewalks, there's a slight beauty to a purple plant growing there. You don't see purple plants that much in life.

I leave you with this picture that I took of the setting afternoon sun. It was blinding to take it (I should have worn sunglasses) but I think the result was nice. I did some slight (minor) editing on PicMonkey to get the colors I wanted to come out. 

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