Look at What I Do

It's a quick post today! Went on fourfeetnine.com (blog of Audrey Ooi, friend of Cheesie) and I checked the comments. Apparently Audrey writes comments back, and look at what she says to my comments!


A comment on her post about her first day of not working. (She quit her job.) Momoko is Momoko Ogihara, a famous Japanese model and producer of a fashion line.

Audrey's reply:

Yeah, I should find some stuff to do. Also known as blogging, studying for finals, and drawing/painting. I do all of these normally, but... eh. I slack off too much. 


This was a comment on the post where Audrey explained why she was quitting her job and her memories of her job. Soon after, I'd be reminiscing about my own job...

Her reply:

Normal response...

Anyways, yeah. You should comment on my blog posts too. I'll post a reply back, and write a similar post. Really, write a comment. I'll respond. 

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