a box of chocolates

It's a quick post today, before I run back to my desk and read 50 pages of a history textbook for a test tomorrow. #procrastination I have to take notes, too, so it's going to take a while. #lackofsleep Ack. Tomorrow's going to be really crazy, too...

I love to eat food (especially Asian food) and make food, and chocolate is one of my favorites.

Chocolate used to be a food that was only available to the royals. It was in the form of a bitter drink, and only the royalty could afford it. Now, why would royal people even want to drink bitter drinks? Makes no sense, right? Leave the bad tasting stuff to the masses. But, I think the process for making chocolate drinks, however bitter, is quite tedious and labor intensive, so it was a sign of status to be able to drink it. When Hershey came up with his process of making chocolate, chocolate became more accessible to the masses.

I'm an avid fan of chocolate, especially of Ferrero Rocher's chocolate. I absolutely adore them ever since I first tired them. I eat them slowly, savoring each layer. I have a peculiar way of eating them. I break apart the crunchy layer, eating it first. Then, with my teeth, I crack open the chocolate shell. I like to eat the hazelnut spread; it's like heaven. I love the hazelnut spread, so it's no wonder that I love Nutella, too. Finally, I eat the hazelnut with the rich chocolate shell.

speed editing is never a good thing. but it's quick. compromise :/

That said, I'm game for any chocolate with hazelnut. Hazelnut and cashews  (not together() are some of the few nuts I like to eat. So it's no surprise that I fell in love with the chocolates in Pernigotti's Gran Collezione. The second ingredient is hazelnut! How lovely! Every chocolate has a distinct flavor, and the ingredient that connects everything together is hazelnut (and chocolate, of course).  The chocolate was rich and creamy, unlike Hersey's chocolates that melt quickly and are sickeningly sweet.

In the assortment of chocolates, there's chocolates that are like Lindt chocolates, with a creamy center, and delicious triangular prism blocks of chocolate. The assortment has a nice variety and I liked all of them, which is rare, since I usually find one chocolate that I don't like.


P.S The quote from Forrest Gump, "Life is like a box of chocolates" is a quote that I wholly agree with. You have to savor the good, and deal with the bad. In the end, everything is going to end.

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