I wish I could say... (Part One)

Edit: The full translation is here.

Right now, I'm in the midst of translating a short Spanish story called El Recado by Mexican author, Elena Poniatowska. It's a very bittersweet story about love, and it's quite nice to read. I'm planning to get it translated before Valentine's Day, which is next Tuesday. I only really have two more paragraphs to go, but translating Spanish to English is quite tedious for me, since I'm not really fluent in Spanish (I'm also not a native speaker). 

I'm also aware that there are translations of El Recado in English online, but I want to try and do my own version... It's fun, in a really weird way.

Anyways, a little snippet from my translating so far:

I think about you very slowly, very slowly, like if I drew you inside of me and left it there as an engraving. I want to have the certainty that I am going to see you tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, and always, in a chain of uninterrupted days, that never were temporary or accidental.  
The story is interesting I think, and I hope you'll get to read my final translated story! (And please bear with my Spanish to English translating skills.)


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