To Infinity and Beyond

Close-up of the print of a BCBGeneration shirt

Recently, I bought a cute top with a galaxy print (see above) and it was then that I realized how I enjoy looking up at the sky. I've mentioned that I like taking pictures of the sky in the day, but I also like looking at the starry sky at night. (Photographing the sky at night is not compatible with my camera... T.T)

The starry night is even more beautiful than the sky during the day. At night, I really get the sense that "everything goes on forever". The sense of continuity makes me feel so inconsequential, and it never fails to set me back to reality. I need that feeling sometimes.

I'm not an amateur astronomer or anything of the sort. My friend once told me she spent between 100 and 200 USD to buy a telescope during middle school. I thought, "I'd buy art supplies with that money." It all depends on what people's interests are, and despite my love for the sky, I would not buy a expensive telescope. I've never tried figuring out the constellations nor the location of the planets in the night sky. That stuff never interest me. It's weird, this juxtaposition, my love for the sky, and my lack of feelings to find out more about the sky. 

Anyways, I'm still going to figure out my life. Yeah, it's going to be a long road ahead, but first I need to finish writing my lab.


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