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via please draw me a sheep on 11/29/11

14 and 15 are already answered!
13. are you looking to pursue a career in art?
nope, it will remain a hobby

22. list at least one of your "artspirations."
suou! i love her coloring and her compositions are amazing and to die for ok uuuuuflfiropfkwe /fangirlmodeon/

that's all for today ah thanks guys! i'm still going through the suggestions so it's not like i've forgotten about them (yet)… hopefully this week will get less busy though i'm doubting it ლ(́ಢ.◞౪◟ಢ‵ლ)
I actually have an "real" reason to reblog this post.

I've been following "Please Draw Me a Sheep" (an allusion to the children's novel, The Little Prince), and recently there was a post that asked people to pick a number from a list of questions and the question would be answered. I don't have a tumblr so I asked a question as anonymous. I was so excited when she answered my question (question number 25: "Draw a picture!"). She drew a quick Kimi Ni Todoke fanart!!

Also, I'm excited for no reason because my question was part of the screen shot. I'm the second bubble, and I asked, "25! kimi ni todoke please?". I'm really happy even though I was anonymous and that she actually drew a doodle. I'm going to frame this picture forever. Hahahahha. In a weird way, it was for me~~ (*▽≦


P.S I'm going to go back to doing homework and studying. I hope next week will be less hectic and chaotic, though I'm doubting it. A girl can hope!

P.P.S Was that a "real" reason to reblog or just an excuse? Hahahahahahaha.

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