Through the (Looking) Glass

Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Prescription Sunglasses, Forever 21 Floral Frame Glasses Necklace

I suppose it's back to a mixture of photos and a scattering of YA novel reviews for this blog. Life and school has picked up its pace again, and I'm going to be buried under a pile of work before winter break. I think I would complain about it, but after writing some stuff, and figuring out my life in the process, I've grown wiser. If I have to work hard now, it's all for my future.

It's hard to think that now, because we're living in the moment, struggling. Like putting on a pair of glasses however, I can see clearer, and farther away. Suddenly, the things that are important are clear. I am living for the future. 


P.S The sunglasses are also available in non-prescription lenses.  I really like the tortoise-shell frames. I was originally going to buy blue Wayfarers because I like the color blue, but my mom decided against it. Ah, well. These are nice, too. 

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