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dork: n. \ˈdȯrk\ nerd (via Merriam-Webster Dictionary Online)

It's a pen that my friend gave me as a present. It's kind of an inside joke between us, because I used to draw my self-portrait as a chibi girl with bob hair. I never really had bob hair with straight bangs although I drew myself as so. I usually tend toward side bangs, but the bob hair image stuck. My friend's been giving me bob girl pens ever since. This year, the bob girl had glasses which makes it look even dorkier. I'm a dork, and I guess I'm a little awkward sometimes. Hahahhahaha. Anyways, the glasses match, since I started wearing my glasses more often now.(I've had glasses before this year, but I never really wore them. My vision got worse this year... T.T)

heart: n. \ˈhärt\ one's innermost character, feelings, or inclinations (Merriam Webster Dictionary Online)

A necklace that my friend also gave me. I'm not really a jewelry person, but sometimes when I find something that suits my taste, I'll wear it. Other times, I forget that I have necklaces and walk out the door, only to realize that necklace X would've looked good with whatever I happened to wear that day. I like this necklace because it's the right length. For me, heart necklaces should be small, and this one is. I like it, despite my general dislike toward heart shaped things.



  1. dude, it was the smallest thing they had there. Cuz I know u dont rlly wear this stuff, but like I had nothing to buy so yea. At least it's tiny. lol

  2. @n.l you're funny~~ and i wear jewelry occasionally now. heheheheeeeeee


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