If I could...

Isabel Marant Bekket sneakers
...I'd buy these shoes.

I saw these shoes first on Garance Dore's website and thought, "Oh my God. These shoes are genius!!"
via Garancedore.fr

I'm not a big fan of heels, since I'm already 5'8" and it's obvious if I wear heels. People start staring at you when you wear heels that are more than 1.5 inches (it's a small town, what can I say?), and it's just annoying. My dream is to grow taller than my actual height right now, but it appears that I'm not growing anymore... so.... 

These Isabel Marant shoes are the perfect solution to my problem, since no one can tell if you're wearing heels because it just looks like sneakers. Hidden heels! It's a two inch heel, which I can do and if people ask, I can nonchalantly say, "Oh I grew." Hahaha, who will believe me? But they can't tell if I'm lying...

Then I saw these shoes on fashiontoast.com and I was very, very intrigued. They were also featured in teenvogue, and I think when they were featured, the price was around $500, but now they're around $700. (netaporter.com) Oh dear...I'll never be able to buy it... It's nice to dream right?


P.S Lately, I've been blogging more about fashion, instead of literature.... It's really what interests me at the moment, and fashion has been interesting. Literature is boring me right now, and I haven't really read anything that interests me anymore. However, I'm still going to blog about books and various other literature related things.

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