You Just Gotta Keep Going

Keep Going:

Saw this really inspiring transcript from an interview with Ira Glass circulating around Facebook today. Felt like I had to share it too.
It's so perfect for me right now because I've been going through such a slump full of self-hate and self-doubt that I've been feeling like this really isn't getting anywhere.

Really just have to just keep going.

I read this on Zhang Jingna's (a photographer who I admire greatly) blog and I just felt like I could I connect to what Ira Glass is saying. I don't really think that people have to be photographers, or even artists to understand what Glass is saying. I think anyone can understand.

Personally, I have always felt, as an traditional art student, that my work was always one step, one leap behind that of other people. However, people would always be like "Oh, that's good." when I'd feel like "It's so bad". My work would always feel "lacking". No matter how hard I tried, I would never reach the place I would want to reach.

However, I know that if I tried, really tried and practiced, I would slowly close that gap between reality and expectations. This, though, really depends on my willingness and desire to keep going.

This Ira Glass quote really summed up what I had been feeling all this time.


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