My Life Undecided: Decision 1

As promised, here's my first "My Life Undecided" decision poll. I don't have that many decisions to make, partially due to the time of year that I chose, so please bear with me. `)

Decision 1 Info:

I've been planning to buy a (drawing) tablet for some time now. I can't choose between Wacom Bamboo and the  Intuos line.

It's the "starter" line of drawing tablets and the prices range from $68 USD to $170. 

A lot of CG artists use this "higher" line of Wacom tablets. The sensitivity is higher and the pen is rumored have a  more "natural" feel to it. However, it is a lot pricer; prices range from $199 (small tablet and pen) to $440 (large tablet and pen).

Please vote at right (and help me make a decision!) The poll will end on August 23th, 2011.


P.S My Life Undecided  is a book by Jessica Brody in which the main character makes blog polls to help make decisions for herself. 

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