Korean Artists

After my post about Japanese artists that I admire, I decided to talk about the Korean artists that I admire. There are subtle differences between Japanese and Korean artists, which I like. (Individuality and uniqueness is key, you know?)

Park SoHee 

From Park SoHee's manhwa, Goong

Park SoHee's series, Goong was the first manhwa I ever read, and because of that, her illustrations will always have a special place in my heart. I like her coloring technique and composition of her pieces. Her style is realistic, and you can tell in her detail of the background and the clothes.

Kim Hee Eun

Illustrations from her blog, featuring the characters from Dear My Girls
 I first heard about her when I read the manhwa, Dear My Girls, and I feel in love with her style. Although her style is very similar to Japanese styles, she still manages to have a "Korean" feel to it. I really like her detailed work, and her character designs. Looking at her illustrations, I fall in love with the Victorian age once more. 

Yeon Woo

Yeon Woo's Pink Lady

Yeon Woo's most famous work, and the work that made her famous is Pink Lady. It's a cute manhwa, that was originally a webcomic on Naver, that describes the life of a college girl who goes to an art school. Filled with art references/ allusions, and tips, Pink Lady, is light and funny, while telling a story about life. Yeon Woo's illustrations are cute, pink, and.. well, just amazing.


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