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Hey! It's alice-jane back from the dead. I've survived horrendous finals, a couple of good-bye parties for my friends, and 6 weeks of enrichment courses, designed to make me feel stupid. (Well, not really, it might just be me.) I'm back, with three new manga series to review, this time, with pics!

The three books I'm going to review are:
-Pearl Pink (released in Japan as Tennen Pearl Pink) by Meca Tanaka
-Otomen by Aya Kanno
-Yotsuba&! Kiyohiko Azuma

I couldn't find Yotsuba&! volume one at the library, so instead I checked out volume four. I'm sorry for my horrible picture taking skills! TT.TT

Note: All links provided are for volume one of each respective series.

Tennen Pearl Pink

The library copy of this was in bad shape. I suppose its because it's popular? I'm not really sure.... I usually like to buy manga books, however this time I just used library books. (But its best to buy your own copy, not only to read the story, but also to support the mangaka!

Ten years ago, four year old Tamoko Momono asked seven year old, Kanji Inui if she could be his wife. Kanji replied, "Of course! But only if you can strong and brave." Thus, begins Pearl Pink, a cute shojo-love story written by Meca Tanaka.

Ten years later, Kanji runs into Tamoko, however he's forgotten about Tamoko, and much less the promise he made to Tamoko as a child. However, Tamoko is going to live with him, under the same roof because Tamoko's mother, idol Shinju Momono can not let the public know that "pure and innocent" Shinju gave birth to a child as a teenager.

The series follows the developing romance between Kanji and Tamoko. This four volume series is filled with gags, and cute lines. The only thing I don't really like about the English translation, is the lack of translation for the sound effects, which is common for Tokyopop manga novels.

Amazon  (As of this post: $9.99)
Barnes and Noble (As of this post: $8.99)
Borders (As of this post: $9.99)

Otomen by Aya Kanno

The picture for  Otomen came out okay, but when I photoshopped the picture to removed the background, the bottom of the book became frayed looking. (Magic Eraser is flawed...)

Ranked number one in kendo in the country (Japan), Asuka Masamune is the epitome of the cool, strong handsome guy- or so he seems. No one knows that the real Asuka loves reading shojo manga, sewing cute things, and cooking pastry. Asuka has to hide behind his stoic exterior, lest his mother know.

Asuka's mother is scarred by what Asuka's father did when Asuka was young. One day, Asuka's father decided to leave home, saying, " For a long time, I have truly wanted to become a woman!". Thus, Asuka's mother raised Asuka to be a manly boy. For a long time, Asuka has hidden his real self from everyone, however all of it changes when he meets Ryo Miyakozuka, a girl who can't cook or sew. With the help of Juta Tachibana, a fellow high school student who's the author of the popular manga, Love Chick, Asuka may have the courage to show his real self to Ryo. Asuka's hilarious adventures as he falls in love with Ryo and realizes that liking girly things isn't so bad after all.

Otomen is a shojo manga filled with gags, seriousness, and cuteness. The drama will keep reads reading till the end!

Barnes and Noble

Side Note #1:
According to Wikipedia, Otomen is one of the most popular licensed manga in America.

Side Note #2
Due to its popularity and sucess, a live action drama was made in Japan and televised on August 1st, 2009.

Masaki Okada plays Asuka
Kaho (actress and model) plays Ryo
Kazuma Sano plays Juta

Drama Poster:

Unrealated Side Note:

Asuka (the guy on the left) is so cute ^^ (Sorry, I really had to say that.)


Yotsuba&! by  Kiyohiko Azuma

Oddly enough, this book was in a good shape. Maybe because its good quality? (It's of better quality than most manga novels.)

Yotsuba, an adopted five year old girl is naive, funny,gullible, and... naive. (No really,she is.) She doesn't know about A/C, doorbells, escalators and other things a five year old would know about. Her daily adventures (a chapter of the book) are filled with gags, and the innocence of a five year old. (Which I don't have anymore...)Yotsuba evokes the simplemind-ness and innocence of children, which is sets a scene for comedy. It's hard to describe Yotsuba&!. It's more than a comedic manga, rather, it emobides the innocence and naivete of children that as people age, lose. Yotsuba&! is a manga for all ages, whether you're a boy or a girl. It's a must read!

Amazon  (As of this post: $7.91)A
Barnes and Noble (As of this post : $7.91)
Borders (As of this post: $10.99)

Side note:
Wow... I used the word innocence way too much... I'm sorry I couldn't describe Yotsuba&! well enough. In short, it's a really funny manga, and probably one of the few manga I collect. (I read a lot of manga, but I don't have enough money, nor book shelf space for all the manga I read.)

alice-jane :D

This officially is the longest post I've ever written. But then again, its three books in one post... I've reached a new level!!! lol.

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