Tech Meets Books// The Geek's Guide to Dating by Eric Smith

I really liked making this week's Tech Meets Books wallpaper. I met the very cool Eric Smith at BEA this year and got a signed copy of The Geek's Guide to Dating. I somehow made small talk about Philly, which was a feat because I tend to be unintelligible when I meet authors.

Philly holds a special place in my heart and it's so great seeing it change for the better in the past decade. Philly is also where the Quirk Books headquarters is, so I was filled with a lot of Philly-love at once. (On an unrelated note, if you're ever in the area, Omoi Zakka on Pine St. and S. 16th St in downtown Philly is a design/Japan lover's delight.  They have so many pretty, whimsical things from stationery to daily items such as alarm clocks. If you're not, they have an online store as well.)

The Geek's Guide to Dating is a cute book filled with dating advice skewed toward geeks (including book lovers) and the dating advice is practical. It was incredibly fun to read and I loved how there were 8-bit illustrations throughout the book.

And as usual, I made a wallpaper inspired by the book and I wanted to do something with 8-bit, which I've never really done before. I hope you like the wallpaper!

Geek's Guide to Dating Wallpaper
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Creative Spaces// Design Inspiration

It's no secret that I really enjoy design, whether it's book covers, typography, or interior design and I recently made a Pintrest account to collect and sort inspiration from around the web. Before I made an account, I didn't really understand the Pintrest craze but now that I have an account, I totally understand. Collect those pretty pictures and pin, pin, pin.

Here are some of my favorite work spaces that I found and I love that a lot of these are DIY friendly.
What I love about this is that it's really vibrant and bright. Although it's not the "typical" bookcase, it still does it's job done. It's a collection of IKEA boxes that are painted and then stacked. Super simple yet pretty. (photo via Marie Merseir)

Insta-books (3)

Insta-books is back! I really love looking at photos and books so here's another round up bookish Instagrammers.

Indie Magazines that I Love

I don't read books on a regular, punctual basis. Hold up, you say, you blog about books. How does that even work? I binge read a lot since free time comes and goes. Since I have magazine subscriptions that more or less come on a punctual basis, so I end up reading magazines regularly. While I enjoy reading the usual Time, National Geographic, Vogue/TeenVogue, and Nylon, I also independent magazines.

Independent magazines aren't as well known but the quality are just as good, in many cases, better than their big-name magazine counterparts.  They're chock full of wonderful writing, photography and design as well as for the most part, ad-free content, which is a rarity these days. 

I find usually find myself opening one, cracking one open, as I study for exams. Procrastination at its best. Jokes aside, here are some of my favorite indie magazines. 

Kinfolk Cherry Bombe Paper Darling Magazines

Tech Meets Books// In the Age of Love and Chocolate

I'm back with another installation of Tech Meets Books! Back when I read All These Things I've Done, I said that I didn't really want to read another series. Well, I take those words back because I ended up reading the Birthright trilogy and I loved In the Age of Love and Chocolate, the final book in the trilogy. So in typical fashion, I made a wallpaper and I hope you like it!

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Review// Sinner by Maggie Stiefvater

I picked up a copy of Sinner at BEA earlier this summer and read it all mostly in one go. It's enjoyable, even if it's mostly a companion book of sorts to the Shiver trilogy, which I haven't read.

Stiefvater writes in the author's note at the beginning of the story:
"As I wrote the hot-cold relationship of two people who took turns being the sinner and the sin, I puzzled out how a place like L.A could both destroy a person and build them into something impossible and new... It's also despite the shape-shifting, the truest novel I've written. I hope that those who don't need the truth in it will only see the werewolf and I hope that those who do need the truth will see only the human." 
When I first read these lines, I couldn't take it seriously but in many ways it's true. Sinner is about two characters who aren't perfect and are incredibly flawed yet still manage to find satisfaction and happiness. Does that mean that I need to see the truth? Haha, maybe.

Lessons Learned From a Stink Eye

Please excuse my infrequent updates and Twitter presence-- I've been unusually tired, nay, exhausted by my various goings-on lately and I have some exciting news that I hope to tell you sometime, hopefully soon! 

Anyway, onto real talk. 

It pains me a little that publishers are leaning towards group signings and events because I enjoy events that are dedicated only to one author but it's understandable since if you don't like one of the authors at an event, you'll be able to find another one that you do like, especially since tour fees are increasing these days. 

I still remember the first book event I went to-- I was in middle school, which even for me was a while ago, and I was beyond excited to attend this author's signing. Over the years, I've been to other author signings and events and with each event, I have a different opinion towards signings and events. 

For most of the successive events afterwards, I've dutifully toted my DSLR along with a mini notebook to catalogue and record events for blogging purposes and later my school paper. I haven't had a problem for the most part, until the day I got a stink eye. 

I've been the receiving end and giving end of stink eyes-- as a typical angst-filled teenager but oh, this stink eye topped all the stink eyes I've ever seen. I was wielding the school paper's Canon DSLR, fitted with pricey lens (all in the name of journalism, I tell you) and I was trying to get a usable shot of the venue while taking down notes. Some of the photos were duds since I wasn't exactly used to the camera (I use a Nikon) and the woman three empty seats over leans, makes a face and says, "Stop." Full stop. She leans back and sits like it never happened. 

To be fair, I should've asked about press badges so it would've been more obvious what I was doing because I don't look that old and I was wearing my school clothes since I was busy at school until I had to leave for the event. 

Mistakes and lessons learned. But for the most part, going to signings and author events have been fun and I've never really ran into trouble. A lot of events have bloggers present anyway so a lot of people are used to it. I've also met some cool people at events so you should definitely go if you get the chance! 

What are your experiences at events? Do you go to events?