Tech Meets Books// Orange You Glad

I haven't made a wallpaper in the longest time ever and as a way to destress, I made a wallpaper! Not quite a literary-inspired one, unless you count all the puns that I've come across in books as an inspiration for this week's wallpaper. I feel like there's a character who likes puns and it's on the tip of my tongue but I can't remember what who it is. If you know, definitely let me know. It's going to bother me all day.

A great book of puns for the pun lover in your life is Gemma Correll's It's a Punderful Life, a short collection of her illustrations paired with puns. Most of them are silly but I still find them funny and amusing. Basically I share the sense of humor as that dorky teacher you had in middle school. 


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What Does Success Mean to You?

It's Wednesday morning and we're midweek into the grind of the work day or school day, depending on who you are. Wednesdays are neither close to Monday nor Friday and I think that's my biggest problem with it.  On Wednesdays, we wear pink. Have I ever told you I dislike the color pink and Wednesdays, too? 

Wednesdays tend to make me unusually tired and sluggish, which is in part due to my long Wednesday schedule, but it's also due to the fact that I tend to reflect back on the past couple of days and re-evaluate my plans to tackle the rest of the week, savoring the sensation of relaxing come Friday night. 

In part, my habits stem from the fact that I need to be reminded of my goals and to make sure that I'm working towards them. I think it's partially due to the fact that  I used to spend a lot of time admiring people's successes, but lately, what success means to me has changed. It's a lot less about being in a tangible"place" and more about the intangible experiences I've had.

Book This// 6 Book Inspired Objects

Online shopping has slowly inched its way up my favorite-things-to-do list since I've been so busy lately to stop in stores. I just love seeing everyday things-- tumblers, bags and more that are inspired by books. Things that are book related just make me want to buy something just a little bit more. I thought I'd compile a list of some of my favorite things to share in a feature called Book This!

DIY// 5 Simple DIY Ideas for the Book Lover

I'm always on a perpetual search for DIYs and more often than not, you can find me on Pintrest or in stores thinking, "How do you DIY that?" When I was younger, my mom let me run around in Michaels buying up their 10-cent felt sheets that I would take home and cut up, making clothes for my numerous teddy bears.

Felt bear clothing aside, I've been making things ever since and during a study break, I chanced upon these super cute and simple DIYs for that are perfect for the book-lover. I personally love the Harry Potter Kindle DIY (can be adjusted for other tablets) because it's simple yet cute.  From bookmarks to shelves, I hope you'll find a project that you like!

Let's Eat Cake! + Birthday Giveaway

A couple weeks ago, it was my birthday. I ate four different cakes, all thanks to the loveliest friends that I could have and eaten my belly's full of Filipino food, which I've discovered is amazing. I've discovered that I'm atrocious at blowing out candles even on the second round of cakes and candles  and that I am terribly shy when large groups of people sing "happy birthday" to me.

It's strange that how just like that, I'm on my last year of being a teenager because I would've sworn that being an awkwardly-tall-thirteen year old was just a little while ago. I can't get over how the thirteen year olds now have no recollection (thankfully?) of black plastic chokers and pens that are made out of pen tips. I've somehow become a person who says, "Remember when..." to a group of young preteens only to be met with a blank stare. Youth.

Yet, I'm happy that I'm getting older. I'm happy and forever grateful that I can write, do bit of research, play with social media and take opportunities when they come.

I'm looking forward to being a real adult, thinking of all the possible places that my life could lead me. And, because it's always fun to give when you get, I'm doing a giveaway, in celebration for another year and all the years of pixels that I've added to the web.

Here's to the adventures that led me to write and read, all while studying (though not at the same time) and I can't wait to see what lies in the year ahead.

Our Obsession with Perfection

Midweek, my MacBook Pro suddenly didn't start up and I freaked out. I had a test on Thursday and papers due the next couple of days so I needed a computer. I had bought a Mac in part because people said that Macs were more reliable and less prone to malware than PCs but even then, Macs aren't perfect. They can break and while I'm happy I was about to fix the problem myself, I'm reminded that I need to let go of the idea of perfection.

As a blogger, it's easy to get caught up in the numbers. You got  mid-hundred hits on a blog post but only got around 100 hits on the latest one? You made a mistake. You're supposed to create things, things that get hits, get attention, right? Wrong.

As a human, it's easy to get caught up in the next big thing. You want the A on the test, you want the cute boy, you want the raise, you want the job, you want the 2.5 kids with the white picket fence and a dog but what happens when you don't get something? Are you less of a person? Are you somehow a failure? No, you're not. 

Creative Spaces// Reading Nooks

A couple weeks ago, I visited my friend's dorm room and I was surprised that she managed to fit a reading nook complete with a fuzzy carpet and a bookshelf in her room, while keeping things in a orderly but open configuration.

"Darn,"I thought as I thought of my own living space-- with the suitcases, shoe rack, and boxes below my bed. Reading nooks aren't something that's going to happen in my space anytime soon by the looks of it. 

But I have a confession to make. Much like I'm a little OCD about my books, I don't really like reading on the floor or really sitting on my bed either. I tried working on a powerpoint in bed and it was one of the stranger things I've done. I just can't do it. As much as most of my life revolves around a desk-- my academic life, my personal life seems to revolve around desk and tables, too. I read most comfortably when I'm sitting at my desk, though granted, with a pillow. I do the best work when I'm sitting at my desk. I blog for the most part, sitting at my desk or any other desk/table-like configuration. 

Yet, I can indulge myself and dream about reading nooks-- sitting down on the ground or reading in bed, can't I? So, I will. 

Let's Be Quirky

I've dropped a few hints here and there about some exciting news a while ago, but I'm so, so incredibly happy to finally share it. I've written for various publications on the interwebs, apart from my blog before and I've always had fun doing so. 

Find Joy in Work
So yes, this is my way of saying I have an announcement. 

Tech Meets Books//A Great and Terrible Beauty Wallpaper

One of my all-time favorite books is Libba Bray's A Great and Terrible Beauty and I absolutely adore the quote "In the end, there is always a beginning" which is from the book so I made a wallpaper for it! I actually made two because I couldn't decide which one I liked better so I hope you find one you like!

A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray Wallpaper
A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray Wallpaper
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It's Alright

"괜찮아" said one of my friends, as I was worrying over something. It was calming to hear it, as I was contemplating what to do. Roughly translated, it means "It's alright" in Korean and I needed to hear it.

Lately, I've been reading a lot of Morgan Matson. I like the way she writes stories-- lighthearted for the most part but so, so profound. I need lightheartedness, right now. 

School started so I'm buried under textbooks and my laptop for the most part. I'm declaring one of my majors this week, which is exciting but I'm full of trepidation. I'm an adult now, or at least that's what I'm telling myself as I play with Legos and eat grain puffs that are meant for teething babies*.